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Tanabe Rotary Club

On May 31st, Brad Towle, Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau’s International Tourism Promotion and Development Director, made a one hour presentation at the Tanabe Rotary Club.  It was a very basic presentation about the Tourism Bureau, current initiatives and future vision.

Thank you very much to the Tanabe Rotary Club for inviting us to speak at your lunch meeting.

Business Descriptions of 2007

31st May 2007Business Descriptions of 2007
On May 29th Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau’s 2007 annual general meeting was held.
Major business plans for 2007 are listed below.

 Installation of contents management system to enrich homepage
 Organize a web photo contest
 Tanabe’s visual information screening project
 Kumano Kodo map English version
 Press tours for domestic and oversea media
 TV program tie-up
 Development of Tanabe novelties
 Event and campaign projects
 Other projects such as communication level up seminars etc.

Regions in Japan that we will focus our promotion efforts are from Tokyo metropolitan area, Keihanshin area (Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe). International tourism will focus on independent travelers or small groups from western countries.

We will also focus on improving infrastructure and information for the upcoming Aikido International Congress which will be help in Tanabe City in October 2008. We hope to create a welcoming environment for visiting aikidoists.