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Documentary TV program “Gaia no Yoake”

The Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau will be covered on the documentary TV show “Gaia no Yoake”.  Beginning in March, the TV crew visited Tanabe several times to cover many of our bureau’s projects and initiatives.

The theme of the program is “International Tourism”.  In addition to covering our bureau’s comprehensive efforts to overhaul the framework of Tourism in Tanabe City, other Japanese tour companies trying to attract foreign tourists will be introduced.

The Tanabe City portion of the broadcast will focus on the work of our International Tourism Promotion and Development Director, Brad Towle.

Thank you to the production staff for understanding and cooperating with our hectic schedules.  We are all looking forward to seeing the final product.

Airdate: 29th April, 2008 (Tuesday) 22:00~22:55

Kumano Documentary by River Bend Productions

Forrest Burger, from the American DVD Production Company “River Bend Productions”, visited Tanabe City to shoot scenes for an upcoming documentary about Kumano.

On April 21st, Mr. Burger interviewed the Chief of the Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau, who spoke mainly about Bureau’s initiatives to improve the travel environment for foreign independent travelers.

In particular he discussed our communication level up workshops for accommodation facilities and public transportation related people. The goal of these workshops was to give participants the tools to communicate without English abilities.

Another topic of discussion was on research and statistic gathering of foreign tourists who visit Tanabe City. Right now the data collecting system is not very efficient. 

He referred to the imposing tasks ahead, including the need to increase the number of English signs and information.

We are looking forward to the final version of this passionate production.

WBS Radio Interview

On April 21st, Wakayama Radio Station WBS performed a live interview on local radio Brad and Melanie, two staff members of the Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau.

They talked about their work at the bureau, as well as their impressions of Japan.

This lively and fun broadcast was conducted by the radio personality Yamashita-san.

Thank you WBS for inviting us to speak with you.

Associated Press covers Shugendo, Minachi-gasa Cypress Hats and Bonito fishing in Tanabe City

Associated Press freelance producer BANDOS KINKI visited Tanabe starting from April 18th to cover Shugendo, Minachi-gasa Cypress Hats and Bonito fishing. The Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau helped with the organization and support of this endeavor.

Each story will be around 5~6 minutes long.

After the filming at Tanabe Port we visited Tanabe’s Izakaya district, “Ajikouji”, to do some taste testing.  After eating Mochigatsuo Bonito sashimi, Tobias Bando commented, “I’ve been many places in Japan for work and ate local delicious food. I would have to say Tanabe’s Izakaya level extremely high.”

We hope that more people visit Tanabe to enjoy Japanese traditional Izakaya pub culture.

Sakura Festival in Sagamihara -Tanabe Tourism and Products PR

For 2 days from April 5th, the Sakura Festival was held in Sagamihara City in Kanagawa Prefecture. The Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau was invited to promote Tanabe’s tourism assets and local products.

We prepared 100 kilograms of delicious orange “Kiyomi” from Kamiakidu area of Tanabe for this event which all sold out during the first day. Other products such as Umeboshi and Orange juice also were extremely well received.  We were very pleased with the result.

Picture was taken in front of the memorial tree “Hana Momo” which was planted in 2000 for the friendship agreement between Hongu “Oguri no Kai” and Sagamihara “Sagami Terutehime no Kai.”

From left: Tanabe City deputy mayor, the president and a vice president of Terutehime no Kai, and the chief of the administration office of Sagamihara City.