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Shima City, Mie Prefecture visits Tanabe City

On January 23rd, members of the Shima City Congress visited Tanabe City to learn more about the Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau and the local tourism associations.After a presentation of general information about Tanabe’s Tourism initiatives, the representatives from each tourism association in Tanabe also made brief explanations.They were very interested in the affiliation between the Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau and the local tourism associations.It was a positive exchange of ideas and information for both sides.Thank you Shima City for visiting us here in Tanabe City.

EBS: Educational Broadcasting of South Korea

TV EBS: Educational Broadcasting of South Korea visited Tanabe City on January 18th. They covered Kawayu Onsen and the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage routes.They are producing a travel-program to introduce historic sites and cultural legacies in Japan.

Two main sites they covered along the pilgrimage routes where the Hosshinmon-oji and Muzunomi-oji shrines. (#21 & #22 on the Kumano Kodo Audio Guide)The group then continued on to Yunomine Onsen where they shot scenes of eating Onsen Kayu (porridge made with Onsen mineral water) at Adumaya Ryokan, and bathing in the Tsuboyu Bath.This program will air a total of three times.

Press Tour: Amy Greimann Carlson

Amy Greimann Carlson, from the USA, visited Tanabe City and the Kumano Sanzan shrines for 7 days from January 11th.
She is very fond of Japan and its culture and is the editor “JAPAN”, issued by Travelers’ Tales Inc.Her first Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route experience happened to be a rare snowy day which made the hot spring bath in the evening so much nicer.

During her one week visit, she stayed at Japanese traditional styleaccommodation facilities such as Minshuku and Ryokan. The tour also included one night at a temple lodging.Other highlights of the trip were: Kito (Special prayer offered by priest), Izakaya (Japanese pub) experience and Orange picking.If another opportunity arises, we would love to have her here again. Thank you Amy and we are looking forward to your article.