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Kumano Kodo Photo Book (Japanese)

The photo book “Walking with a Kataribe Guide, The World Heritage Kumano Kodo” will be published by Kanki Publishing Company and available for sale from July 6th. The text was written by the chairman of the “Kumano Hongu Kataribe-no-Kai (Kumano Hongu Storytelling Guide Group)” Isao Sakamoto, and photographs were taken by photographer Sanjiro Minamikawa. The Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau is a proud supporter of the book and offered on-site support for the photo shoots.Price 1680 yenA5 size full color 128 pagesWill be on sale from 6th JulyLink to book online >>

Lectures at Wakayama University

Wakayama University is the only Japanese national university featuring a Tourism Faculty. The Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureauwas requested to hold three special 90 minute long lectures on June 4th, 11th and 18th.On June 4th the Bureau Chief lectured on the subject “Tanabe’s Challenge Toward the World”. He discussed the Bureau’s general outline and active engagements in regards to the region’s tourism. He also introduced Tanabe city’s tourism assets. As for Tanabe’s tourism potential he emphasized the importance of affiliation and cooperation on a broader regional scale.On June 11th the Bureau’s international tourism promotion and development director Brad, took charge of the second lecture. He showed students the TV program “Gaia no Yoake” which featured his works in Tanabe. Afterwards he identified important aspects to overhaul the framework of international tourism to create an attractive sustainable tourism destination.The final lecture was on June 18th. An assistant manager of …

Shiomi-toge Pass Map

One of the Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau's jobs is to create maps and pamphlets for the area. Our bureau's maps for the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route are very popular because they cover well over 100 km of trails including the UNESCO World Heritage sections. All of our Kumano Kodo maps are available for download on our website.
Our goal is to create easy-to-use, up-to-date maps so visitors can get the most out of their trip. Everytime we do a reprinting we walk the routes to see if anything has changed or needs to be added or deleted.
Today we walked the Shiomi-toge Pass starting from the Kii-Tanabe station and finishing in Nakahechi on the Tonda-gawa River just up stream from Takijiri-oji, the entrance into the sacred realm of Kumano. This is one of two routes that you can walk from the Kii-Tanabe station to Nakahechi, the other follows the Tonda-gawa River.
The Shiomi-toge Pass route leaves the coastal city of Tanabe making its way through neighborhoods, ume & …

China Shanghai TV Program

On June 2nd on-location shooting for Chinese (Shanghai) TV was held in “Kishu Binchotan Park.” The TV show “Tokyo Inshou: Tokyo Impression” is a very popular weekly program to introduce Japanese tourist sites. There were 8 crew members in total; 6 TV staff, 1 from JNTO and 1 from the Wakayama Prefectural Tourism Division. They were here to feature Tanabe’s “Kishu Binchotan.” Binchotan is a world famous type of charcoal that was first created in the area. It is well known for its density, consistent heat and clean-burning properties.
In the Kishu Binchotan Park facility, they focused on how to make Binchotan, its history and the local people’s unique creation of Binchotan xylophones. A female reporter participated in a handicraft lesson to make a Binchotan wind chime. They also covered Binchotan Ramen noodles and other Binchotan related products. The air date is not decided yet. It will be broadcasted throughout 450 cities crossing 24 states in China, including big cities such as Beijing…