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Sannkei Shimbun Newspaper and Radio Osaka Interview

On August 4th, the Sankei Shimbun Newspaper and Radio Osaka visited our Bureau to learn more about our tourism promotion efforts and interview our International Tourism Promotion and Development Director, Brad.Brad spoke about our bureau’s initiatives to create a high quality, sustainable tourism destination open to international tourists, his personal background and how and why he started to work for the Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau.We are looking forward to both publication and air dates.This feature article will run for 5 consecutive days in the “Kansai Shodan” column from August 24th to 28th.Radio OsakaAir date: August 22nd (Saturday) 18:00~19:00, in the program “News Hybrid”.The interview will be webcasted on Radio Osaka website from August 24th.

UPDATE:The articles have been published!August 24August 25August 26August 27August 28
And the radio broadcast is available online!