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Location Hunting for Domestic Press Tour

On 19th October the Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau and officials from Totsukawa-mura Village in Nara Prefecture toured to inspect sites to possibly be included in our upcoming domestic press tour. Tanabe City is working hard to push the barriers with tourism promotion by joining force with neighboring regions.
Tamaki-jinja Shrine is known for its exorcism benefit, which is very rare in Japan. During our tour of the shrine compound we all had the honor of viewing beautiful paintings on sliding cedar doors, which are designated the national important cultural properties. The Shinto priest of the shrine gave us a lecture about Japanese ancient mountain worship developed on the Omine Okugakemichi route which runs from Yoshino to Hongu. After the lecture we paid homage to Mt. Tamaki which is surrounded by sacred giant trees. Scenic vistas of the Hatenashi mountain range and a visit to the attractive secret onsen of Totsukawa, Kamiyu Onsen, completed the day. On our way back to Tanabe, w…

Taiwan Media “GTV; Gala Television Corporation”

On October 3rd, Taiwan TV media GTV came to Tanabe to cover the region for an upcoming travel TV program “Beautiful World”, featuring places in the Kansai region including Osaka, Mie Prefecture and Wakayama Prefecture. It will be a 60 minute program aired mid-October. Wakayama prefectural officials and theTanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau supported their visit. There were 9 crews members in total.Blessed with fine weather, a popular reporter from Taiwan “Yazi” joined Geta-odori parade. In the parade people wear Japanese traditional wooden clogs (geta) and dance (odori). Yazi seemed to be a little puzzled with this whole new experience. But once she put the yukata on like everyone else in the team and started dancing through the streets with her team mates, she quickly mastered it and joined in the fun. Through this experience she started to cultivate personal exchanges with her team mates and the local people who were watching.

The fireworks finale of the Benkei Matsuri Festival was he…

The Kite: by Amy Carlson

The Kite
Story and photos by Amy Carlson

After a year of too much heaviness and worry, the editor of Travelers' Tales Japan hikes the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage trail to refresh and begin anew.

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