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Santiago de Compostela Photo Exhibition in Hongu

From September 1st to 30th, 2013 there was a photo exhibition of Santiago de Compostela on display in the Kumano Hongu Heritage Center in Hongu.

There were 36 images of local landmarks, festivals, architecture, cuisine, and daily life.

Santiago de Compostela is the goal of the famous Way of St. James pilgrimage route.  Along with the Kumano Kodo they are the only two major pilgrimage routes registered as UNESCO World Heritage.

The Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau and Turismo de Santiago de Compostela have been working together on a joint promotion project since 2008.  Next year marks the 400 year of relations between Spain and Japan, and to celebrate this Tanabe City and Santiago de Compostela are working towards at "Tourism Partnership Cities" relationship.

We look forward to working more with Santiago de Compostela in the future.

Minshuku Sumiya has joined the Kumano Travel community!

Minshuku Sumiya is a small, casual, laid-back guesthouse run by the Kobuchi family.  It is situated in the middle of Kawayu Onsen, where hot spring water bubbles to the surface of the river. A staircase in the center of building is the entrance, which leads to the second floor.  Here is the dining room, hot spring baths, and some guestrooms.  Further up on the third floor are more guestrooms.  Dishes sometimes include local produce such as local mountain vegetables, ayu fish, and Mehari-zushi, a rice ball wrapped in pickled Takana mustard leaves.

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New Tanabe Tourist Information Center

Today (September 28th) we opened a new Tourist Information Center next to the JR Kii-Tanabe station.  It is a two story building with an information center and public toilets on the 1st floor and office space on the second floor.

The information center has English speaking staff and numerous maps and pamphlets, it is a great new asset for travelers visiting the area, and perfect starting point for a visit to the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage routes.

It is open from 9:00 to 18:00 daily all year round.

The Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau has their office on the second floor.

We look forward to helping and support visitors as best as we can.


View Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau's office in a larger map

Kohechi video

David Gonzalez from Spain shared his journey along the Kumano Kodo Kohechi route with an online video.  We were very happy to support him during his once in a lifetime adventure.

Watch the video >>

Thank you David and Yolanda!

Kumano featured in Sydney Morning Herald

Santiago de Compostela Mayor visits Tanabe City

For three days from September 14~16, 2013, the mayor of Santiago de Compostela visited Tanabe City.  The goal of the trip was to work towards creating at Tourism Partnership Cities Agreement.

Thank you so much for visiting us here in Tanabe City!

Santiago de Compostela exchange staff in Tanabe

For just over three weeks from the end of August 2013, an exchange staff from Turismo de Santiago de Compostela worked in the Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau.

It was a pleasure to have her here with us and the experience was very positive for all of those involved.

Thank you so much!

TIC Tokyo Event

On September 11, 2013 the Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau, the municipalities representing the Kumano Sanzan grand shrines, and Turismo de Santiago de Compostela held a joint promotion event at the TIC Tokyo center next to the Tokyo station.

It was a great success, and thank you to all of those who helped and participated!

Kumano featured in Air Canada's in-flight magazine enRoute

Kumano front cover of National Geographic Traveler Japan guide book

" National Geographic Traveler Japan Guide Book, Fourth Edition"
By: Nicholas Bornoff & Perrin Lindelauf
National Geographic
September, 2013

Japan's sacred waterfall, Nachi-no-Otaki, is the cover photo of the new National Geographic Traveler Japan guide book.  There is also expanded coverage of the Kumano region.

NOTE: In March 2013, the Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau sponsored a press tour for Perrin Lindelauf.