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Promoting Kumano at Travel Mart 2014

The Visit Japan Travel Mart is the biggest event for inbound tourism in Japan, as hundreds of travel agents from around the world gather to meet with suppliers, local governments, etc. to learn about new destinations and products, and create new partnerships.

The Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau has a booth at the event which runs from September 24th to 26th at the Tokyo Big Sight in Tokyo.

There is much more awareness and interest in the sacred Kumano region, and we look forward to hosting more guests in the near future.

Thank you to those who took the time to speak with us.

Speaker at UNWTO Congress on Tourism and Pilgrimages

The First International Congress on Tourism and Pilgrimages, co-organized by the World Tourism Organization, the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism of Spain and the Regional Government of Galicia is being held in Santiago de Compostela, Spain from September 17~20, 2014.

The aims of the congress are:

Highlighting the importance for tourism of the historical and cultural legacy of pilgrimages and spiritual routes, focusing on both their religious and secular aspects;

Discussing the role of tourism policies and strategies in the preservation and management of heritage assets along paths and routes, and thus,

Underlining the positive contribution of pilgrimages to the sustainable and responsible growth of tourism as well as the contribution of tourism towards international understanding.

Brad Towle, the International Tourism Promotion and Development Director for the Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau, spoke at the congress on the opening morning in the session dedicated to Popular…

Freelance writer and videographer visit Kumano

For 5 days from September 11~15, 2014 the Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau and Wakayama Tourism Federation sponsored a press trip for a freelance writer and videographer.

The press trip focused on the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage routes, grand shrines, and onsen in the area.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit Kumano and we look forward to seeing the pieces published.

Shingu UNESCO Association Presentation

On September 13th, Brad Towle from the Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau was the guest speaker at the annual Shingu UNESCO association seminar.   It was a 1.5 hour presentation and over 100 people attended.

The focus of the presentation was Kumano through the eyes of a non-Japanese.

It was excellent to be able to share and exchange ideas with the local people of Shingu.

Thank you so much for inviting us.

Dramatic Increase in International Visitors to Hongu

More and more international visitors are being drawn to the sacred sites, pilgrimage routes, and soothing hot springs in the Hongu area (Kumano Hongu Taisha, Kumano Kodo, Yunomine Onsen, Kawayu Onsen, etc.)

This year has specifically seen a dramatic rise in overnight stays.  Last year there were 2,859 nights, but already in the first 6 months of this year 2,975 nights have been recorded.

The local people are very thrilled with this result.  It has been a long time preparing for a positive increase in international visitors, but with the support of many people, local governments, and associations, the pioneering initiatives of the Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau are starting to show startling results.

Thank you very much to the local people and their world class hospitality, as well as those travelers who choose to visit our community.  We really appreciate it!

Read article in Japanese online >>

Special Edition Local Yurukyara Pins

Yurukyara mascots are widely popular all across Japan. Yurukyara is a combination of two words "Yurui" meaning soft or gentle and "Character".

From September 14 to December 13, 2014 "Gashapon" or toy vending machines across Wakayama Prefecture are dispensing limited edition collector pins of local Yurukyara.

In the Tanabe City Information Center next to the Kii-Tanabe station there are 7 kinds of pins, out of the total 25 available.

These cute (and sometimes random!) yurukyara pins make a fun souvenir.

Koyasan and Kumano Limited Access Bus 2014

There is a special, limited access bus between Koyasan and Kumano on the follow dates:

September: 13(Sat), 14(Sun), 15(Mon), 20(Sat), 21(Sun), 23(Tue), 27(Sat), 28(Sun)
October: 4(Sat), 5(Sun), 11(Sat), 12(Sun), 13(Mon), 18(Sat), 19(Sun), 25(Sat), 26(Sun)
November : 1(Sat), 2(Sun), 3(Mon)

1-day ticket ¥3,300 per adult (Children half-price ¥1,650)
2-day ticket ¥5,600 per adult (Children half-price ¥2,800)

Buy on site at: 
Sales office in Koyasan ‘’Koyasan Shukubo Association’’
(address : 600 Koyasan, Koya-cho, Ito-gun, Wakayama 648-0211 / TEL: 0736-56-2616)

Sales office in Kumano ‘’Kumano Hongu Heritage Center’’
(address : 100-1 Hongu, Hongu-cho, Tanabe-shi, Wakayama 647-1731 / TEL: 0735-42-0751)

English PDF >>
Japanese website >>