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Kumano Kodo and Kawayu Onsen, featured in The Mail on Sunday

"Healing thermal waters with a breathtaking mountain view: A steamy journey into the spiritual heart of Japan"
Text: Kevin Coulson
Published by: The Mail on Sunday
Sept 27, 2015

"Wearing a dressing gown, shorts and wooden clogs, I totter down the middle of the road in the dark looking for a place to slip into the river and let my worries wash away.

But don’t fret, I’m not crazy – just in Japan. Specifically, I am about to take an evening dip in the Kawayu – ‘river of hot water’ – where visitors dig their own ‘baths’ in the shallows which are then filled by geothermal springs.

I remove my robe, kick off my shoes and, sliding into the warmth, can just make out the steam surrounding me. My only other companions are the birdsong from the forest across the stream and the bubbles that break gently on my back.

This thermal wonder is just one of the attractions on, or close to, the Kumano Kodo pilgrim trails, a Unesco World Heritage site since 2004, in the Wakayama prefecture…