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New Foreign Currency Exchange Machines in Koyasan, Shirahama and Hongu

There are three new Foreign Currency Exchange Machines located in Koyasan, Shirahama and Hongu.

Change foreign currencies to Japanese yen easily!

Operating Hours: 7:00~21:00

Available Currencies: US dollar, Euro, Chinese Yuan, South Korean Won, Taiwanese Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Thai Bhat, Australian Dollar

※ Available currencies are subject to change depending on various circumstances.
※ Only cash handled.
※ Maximum foreign currency exchange amount per person is 100,000 yen.
※ The applied exchange rate corresponds to the fixed exchange rate of the Kiyo Bank. Please check at the time of exchanging currencies.

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Nanki-Katsuura Kyukamura Hotel, National Park Resort has joined the Kumano Travel community!

Nachi-Katsuura Kyukamura is a hotel located on the rugged Ugui peninsula near Katsuura.   It is perched above the dramatic, rocky coastline, 60 meters above sea level offering wonderful views. The property is part of the National Park Resort network, famous for begin situated in beautiful natural settings.  This hotel is in the Yoshino-Kumano National Park just down the road from the National Park Visitor Center run by the Ministry of Environment.  There is a selection of rooms including Japanese, Western and mixed.  Soaking in the well designed onsen baths, with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, are a highlight of a stay, especially at sunrise.  Meals are based on fresh, local seafood and served in the dining room.  There are short walks nearby the hotel and free shuttle service to/from the Kii-Katsuura station. This facility is also a convenient base for whale watching from March to September.

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Happiness Chikatsuyu has joined the Kumano Travel community!

Happiness Chikatsuyu is a cottage owned by the lovely Ms. Muya.  It is located in a small grove of trees just north of the Kumano Kodo in Chikatsuyu village next to the Hiki-gawa River.  The cozy cottage has a Japanese style room, small loft, dining room, and kitchen.  The dining room features a giant wooden table.  The windows look onto the surrounding garden planted with a variety of flowering trees.  Guests often enjoy sitting on the deck or in the private gazebo taking in the peaceful location.  There are two bicycles to use for free, convenient for a cruise around town or to visit the nearby grocery store to buy food.  Ms. Muya wishes to share her little piece of paradise with you.  Welcome and fill yourself with "Happiness Chikatsuyu".

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