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Iseya Ryokan has joined the Kumano Travel community!

Iseya Ryokan is a Japanese inn for onsen enthusiasts.  It is located in the center of Yunomine Onsen, famous for its healing hot springs.  The steamy communal baths are gender segregated and feature pure hot spring water, leading to a phenomenon of mineral deposits floating in the water called "Yunohana" or "Hot Spring Flowers".  There are three ranks of simply decorated Japanese style rooms: Special, Rank A and Rank B.  The Bento-style meals are supplied by Minshuku Omuraya. Guests lay out their futons by themselves and there is free Wifi in the cozy common area. Mr. Goto, the owner, wishes to share his passion for the Japanese onsen experience.  Welcome to Iseya Ryokan to immerse yourself in Japan’s spiritual thermal waters.

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