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Sansaro Cafe & Guesthouse has joined the Kumano Travel community!

Sansaro Cafe & Guesthouse is a "mountain-side cool" home stay in Kumano-gawa village (15 minute bus ride from Koguchi).  It was opened in 2014 by Ms. Uzawa, who fell in love with the location in the natural surroundings. She is a dynamic soul with strong interest in yoga, music, food, healing, and the vitality of the Kumano region. Sansaro is a cafe with a house next door. There is one guestroom in the cafe itself, the others are in the house.  It overlooks the Akagi-gawa river and rice fields with mountains framing the horizon on all sides.  The Kanmaru bus stop is nearby.  Music is a mainstay with a DJ stand, piano, and other instruments.  An onsen ticket is given to guests on check-in to use the nearby Satsuki hot spring bath for free.

Monpetokuwa Bakery Hostel has joined the Kumano Travel community!

Monpetokuwa is a home-stay like hostel run by a family, who also runs the bakery and cafe.  The house is perched above the bakery overlooking the Hidaka-gawa river in Ryujin village.  There are two Japanese style dorm rooms.  The toilet is shared.  The kitchen facilities and bath are not for use.  It is requested that guests use the public baths in Ryujin Onsen which is 13 kilometers to the north.  The extremely friendly owners wish to have guests slow down and experience rural life-style together with them.  By the way the food and bread is delicious!

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Minshuku Yunosato has joined the Kumano Travel community!

Minshuku Yunosato is a small guesthouse 1 kilometer south of Yunomine Onsen hot spring and is run by a friendly second generation family.  Minshuku Yunosato overlooks the beautiful Yomura-gawa river, a popular swimming hole for locals during the summer.  With pictures of their family in the communal dining room, dog outside the front door, and fish tank in the lobby, it has the atmosphere of a home stay.  The water for the indoor and outdoor hot spring baths is sourced from Yunomine Onsen. The outdoor rotenburo (available for private use) is near the bridge down a steep staircase, near the river.  Family members are fishermen and their catch of Ayu sweetfish is often on the menu.

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